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Circles Ensemble
Example of Circles Chatelaine with ensemble. Items displayed: 2.2mm Figaro Chain, circles Chatelaine, pincushion with Jinny Beyer logo and gem, vine cage (#763), clasp, Jinny Beyer thimble with gem, and Thread Winder with Jinny Beyer logo (no gem). You may assemble your own ensemble because all items are priced individually.

Ref # ensembles      $660.00 ea         Quantity:  

Angel Ensemble
Example of Angel Chatelaine #557 with ensemble including 2.2mm Figaro Chain, Tiny Thimble Charm with gem (#962), double-four-wire cage with clasp, Lacy Heart thimble with gem, Thread Cutter (#924), Needle Threader (#874), and Tiny Star Thimble Charm. Feel free to create your own ensemble.

Ref # ensemble557      $870.00 ea         Quantity:  

Open Hearts Chatelaine
Example of Open Hearts Chatelaine #502 ensemble with three charms and chain. You can assemble your own ensemble. Each charm and tool has an 8mm spring ring clasp to easily connect to the chatelaine of your choice.

Ref # ensemble502      $340.00 ea         Quantity:  

Large Heart Chatelaine Ensemble
Example of Large Open Heart Chatelaine #947 ensemble. Items displayed: Oval Rolo chain, Thread winder, Jinny Beyer Needle Threader, large clasp, engraved wire cage, Jinny Beyer thimble with gem, Jinny Beyer thread cutter with gem, Combination tool, Thimble charm that can serve as a thimble hanger.

Ref # ensemble947      $1210.00 ea         Quantity:  

Round Chatelaine Ensemble
Example of Round Chatelaine #607 with ensemble. Items displayed: chain, Tiny Scissors Charm, Basket Cage 632, Bee thimble 901, Quilt Odyssey Combination tool with ruby. Use your imagination to create your own ensemble.

Ref # ensemble607      $800.00 ea         Quantity:  

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