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Small Open Heart Chatelaine has been updated with built-in bail
Sterling Silver. 1.5" x 1", three eyelets at bottom. Shown with charms(not included).
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Ref # 502      $90.00 ea         Quantity:  

Angel Chatelaine
Sterling Silver. Angel Chatelaine, 1" x 2 1/4". 7 loops to attach items. Has bail at center back.
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Ref # 557      $100.00 ea         Quantity:  

Round Chatelaine/Scarf Slide
Sterling Silver. Round Chatelaine/Scarf Slide - 1.5" round. Has been updated with built-in bail on back. Shown with charm (not included).
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Ref # 607      $100.00 ea         Quantity:  

Large Open Heart Chatelaine
Sterling Silver. Dramatic chatelaine with 11 eyelets for tools surrounding heart shaped open center. 2.5" wide x 2.5" tall. Shown with large oval lobster clasp (not included). Another version # 603 is available with four round openings in the center to wear with a scarf.
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Ref # 954      $210.00 ea         Quantity:  

Circles Chatelaine
Sterling Silver. Popular chatelaine with five circles for hanging tools, 1/2" high x 1" wide. A good choice for a first chatelaine, can be traded in on another one with large tool-holding capacity.
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Ref # 958      $90.00 ea         Quantity:  

Big heart chatelaine with pin cushion center
Our friend Louise inspired us to incorporate features of two chatelaines into one fabulous piece. Shown filled and empty in photo. Chatelaine 1016 has the heart shaped base like #954 big open heart with 11 eyelets for hanging tools. Its center is a version of the #947 pin cushion frame for artwork pin cushion pad made by us. You may choose to order it without the pad for $100 reduction in price. It measures 6cm or 2.5".

Ref # 1016      $410.00 ea    
Empty or filled? Chatelaine empty
Chatelaine filled (+$100.00)
Pin cushion color? Earth Tone
Moss Green
Silk Crazy Quilt

Owl chatelaine
Sterling owl is about 43mm x 20mm. Three loops at the base can handle up to five tools nicely. The owl can be ordered with gemstone eyes for $40 addition to the price. Specify color.
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Ref # 223      $100.00 ea         Quantity:  

Round nine-gem chatelaine
Chatelaine filled with gems. The center is a 3mm round gem--a pearl looks beautiful--with eight 6x3mm marquise cut gems circling it. The piece is 21mm round, plus the bail. This one has pink tourmalines. You may specify your color choice or email or call about available. There is room at the base of the circle to hang up to five tools.
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Ref # 1019      $290.00           Quantity:  

Nine- gem horizontal chatelaine with open hearts
Shown with nine 2mm pink spinel gems with 7 loops at the bottom and open hearts across the top. The piece is 22mm x 35mm, including the bail. Call or email to ask about other gems. One set with emeralds is currently available.
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Ref # 1017      $290.00 ea         Quantity:  

Frog Chatelaine
Frog Chatelaine with 3mm gem. The piece is 40mm tall x 36mm wide. There are 5 spots to hang tools, and more than one item can fit in each spot. Specify color of gem.
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Ref # 228frog      $100.00 ea    
No gem No Gem
Gem (+$20.00)
Gem selection

Collector Chatelaine
One of a kind large gem chatelaines made by TJ. Each has at least three loops at the base to hang tools. Many gems are available, such as Montana agate, faustite, turquoise, ammonite, malachite. Call or email your preference. Size and style varies from piece to piece. Some turquoise gems shaped as birds or animals are available.
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Ref # collchat      $220.00 ea    
Select Chatelaine Montana Agate Mexican Onyx Faustite

Aces Chatelaine
The Aces Chatelaine has 5 places to hang tools. The piece is 18mm tall x 28mm wide. It has a substantial center bail.
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Ref # 533      $90.00 ea         Quantity:  

Bubbles Chatelaine
The Bubbles Chatelaine is 4.7cm wide and has 7 places to hang tools, with loops at each end to attach the neck chain. The piece is 14mm tall x 27mm wide. Another couple of versions, 7.75 wide, named Big Bubbles Chatelaines, are available. # 11, without gem is $120, and # 1056 with gem and center bail is $140.
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Ref # 1032      $90.00 ea         Quantity:  

Jinny Beyer Logo Chatelaine with 3 loops
Lovely small chatelaine with Jinny Beyer's logo, and 3 loops at the base. Two large loops for your chain to run through or connect to. 30mm tall x 16mm wide. 1 1/4" tall x 5/8" wide. A version with a 3mm gemstone in the center is available, style 1055 $90, specify color of gem.

Ref # 1038      $70.00 ea         Quantity:  

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